You might think this is not the meal to be having, on a hot, sunny day in Greece. Well, you guessed wrong! Greeks, love Pastitsio all year round and it is a common dish, made for guests, family, or when expecting friends around.

Pastitsio is a cheesy and creamy, pasta bake dish originally Italian and often referred to as The Lasagna of The Greeks. Pastitsio is traditionally made with large tubular pasta like our Melissa Greek pasta or penne, not lasagna noodles. These are called Bucatini in Italian and are long, slender, and hollow noodles, something like a drinking straw made of pasta. Pastitsio combines a meat and tomato sauce with the pasta and is topped with a thick béchamel sauce—pronounced bā-shə-ˈmel. The name derives from “pastichio,” which loosely translates to “hodgepodge.”

To make this comfort dish, simply toss up some pasta with olive oil and a little Parmesan cheese. A tomato meat sauce with red wine, aromatics, and warm spices like cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg. Finally, a lighter béchamel sauce with just a pinch of nutmeg for good measure on top and get ready to experience one of the best dishes you have ever had.

Pastitsio is generally considered a very hearty and family meal in Greece where they some swear, it tastes better the 2nd day as all the flavours blend in. So, whether you are a seasoned Greek chef, a UK resident that knows their way around the kitchen, or simply want to give “Patstsio making” a go, secure some of the vital ingredients you need from The Greek Deli.

Order from a variety of cheeses here, to use for your Bechamel and topping. Add just enough Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil when sauteing your mince, and of course our Melissa Greek pasta, the most famous & delicious Greek pasta available. We would also always advise you to use Greek herbs from the Greek deli, which you can find here and ingredients freshly sourced whilst your mince from your local butcher.

We look forward to your images, messages, and pictures of your Pastichio so do not hesitate to send them to us via email or a message on our Facebook page. We are certain it will taste as delicious as it looks.

The Greek Deli is happy to have been able to distribute our goods and unique Greek products throughout the pandemic, ensuring our customers do not run out of stock. We have also maximized our efforts so our deliveries are swift and provided in a safe and hygienic manner. For more information on what our company is doing to ensure the quality of your products and follow Government guidelines, feel free to email us at [email protected]!

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