The Greek Deli has been sourcing, producing and delivering some of Greeks best condiments, delicacies and Ingredients. However, following popular demand and our customers commitment for the past 2 decades, we are always seeking to find the best products available.

With this in mind, it is an honour for us to present our luxurious and mouthwatering new section of Ready Meals.

As such, we are proud to announce our partnership with Amvrosia Foods, a staple name in the Greek culinary industry.

The ventral philosophy of their company, is similar to ours with Quality being the pillar of all their activities which heavily depends on the quality of the ingredients and materials used.

For this reason, they all undergo a thorough inspection process ensuring only the freshest and highest quality ingredients are in all meals following the traditional Greek recipes we all Love.

The unique quality and flavour of “AMVROSIA, Ltd” products has been achieved through the adoption and enforcement of the latest and most demanding quality and food safety control systems at all stages of the production process.

Here at the Greek Deli, we are please to introduce a great plethora of new products allowing you to taste the full range of Amvrosia.

Greek Ready Meals: The Greek Deli


The delicious Greek version of Lasagne. Made in Thessaloniki based on the traditional recipe. Click here to order


An Old time classic Greek dish and a very healthy option for lunch or dinner. Great meal choice for vegetarians & vegans. To order yours, click here.


A traditional Greek bake with layers of juicy beef mince cooked in a tomato based sauce, layered with delicious eggplants and potatoes, topped off with a creamy béchamel sauce. Give it a try by ordering here.


Made in Thessaloniki, these peppers are filled with rice, chopped vegetables and baked in a tomato based sauce. Order this ready meal today by clicking here.


Delicious and ever so tender green beans cooked in tomato a sauce. We, Greeks, love this dish, which is associated with the summer but which we also enjoy all year round. To order this Greek ready meal, simply click here.


Spicy Greek dish made with thick country sausages and peppers in a rich tomato sauce. This ready meal is based on the traditional recipe. Order online by clicking here.


Traditionally soutzoukakia are Greek style meatballs made with beef mince. Now available to enjoy as a tasty Greek ready meal. Click here to purchase yours to try at home.


Old time classic imam is a dish  that we all love in Greece. A must for aubergine lovers, utterly delicious! Order this scrumptious ready meal by clicking here.

Kolokythakia Yemista Avgolemono

A traditional Greek dish of courgettes stuffed with rice & minced meat in an egg lemon sauce. Ready made and easy to order from our online shop here


This Greek ready meal of Cabbage Rolls stuffed with rice & minced meat in an egg lemon sauce in an old time classic. We use 50% beef minced meat and 50% minced pork. Place your order by clicking here to add to your shopping cart.

Bamies in Tomato Sauce

A homely meal of Okra in Tomato Sauce and Olive Oil, perfect for the family and vegetations/vegans. Ready to be enjoyed and delivered in 1 working day along with all our other Greek ready meals by clicking on this link here.

Mousakas (Vegetarian)

A mouth-watering dish (minus the meat) that brings back memories of a holiday in Greece. Click here to buy this Greek ready meal.

Yemista (Meat)

These peppers are filled with rice, minced meat in a tomato sauce. A delicious traditional Greek meal that is made in Thessaloniki. Click here to order our Yemista ready meal.


Simple but delicious dash of spinach, risotto with a touch of olive oil and lemon juice. Enjoyed as a winter staple in Greece and can now be ordered directly from our online shop by clicking here.


To order your favourite ready meals, simply click here and enjoy our next (working) day delivery offer on all orders!

So, no need to wait any longer to serve the family and friends those delicious dishes you tried in Greece, or always enjoyed at your mother’s dinner-table.

Choose between a number of delicious ready meals available online or simply email us for Wholesale orders.


Order our fresh, home made Greek food for a delicious family meal, dinner parties, events or to simply enjoy on your own. Find our fine selection of ready to eat meals directly from our online shop.

The Greek Deli

The Greek Deli stocks artisanal products, including Greek juices, tsoureki, egg dyes, olive oils, wines, cheeses,  and mezedes. In addition, ready meals (such as pastitsio and gemista), sweets (such as baklava and kourabiedes), and Greek coffee (Loumidis) can be found in our online shop. We even stock beloved Greek chocolates and cookies. Furthermore, brands such as LactaIonSokofreta, and Gemista cookies, as well as an impressive selection of Greek wines. You can purchase and customise our unique Greek gift boxes, with your favourite products or pre-made. One box includes extra virgin olive oil, two bottles of wine, two jars of olive paste, roasted peppers, honey, chilies, and balsamic vinegar. Perfect for sending the best of Greek tastes to a distant beloved!).

Accompanied by the very best of what Greek nature has to offer, we find our way into your homes and into your hearts. The Greek Deli has maximized our efforts so our deliveries are swift and provided in a safe and hygienic manner!

We’d love to hear your view so do not hesitate to contact us, subscribe to this blog for free, click here to place an order, or send us your favourite recipes.

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