Greek Honey is second to none. It has a distinctive, sensational aroma, a rich taste, and a long stay after taste highly rated by experts and honey connoisseurs worldwide. Honey has many nicknames and arguable so. “Gods’ Breakfast”, “Liquid Gold” and “Nature’s Pharmacy” are just some of those as … honey has been and is, from antiquity until today, natural, healthy food with great nutritional value.

It is effectively “prepared” from bees with a raw material of plant or animal honey secretions or nectar of flowers. Contains, among others, water at a rate of 16%, organic acids (18 in number), proteins and amino acids, minerals in small quantities (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.), enzymes, protein complexes, vitamins (B2, B6, C, D, E, pantothenic acid, folic acid, etc.), natural aromatic substances.

Health Benefits

It has minerals known as trace elements, which play an important role in metabolism and nutrition, and are considered key components of a human skeleton and cells. In addition, honey is also known for regulating the acidity of our stomach assisting with digestion as it reduces stomach ulcer problems and generally contributes to the proper functioning of the human body.

Its consumption helps in the faster restoration of health in cases of anemia, due to the iron it contains. to its high concentration in iron and it also significantly helps in the faster metabolism of alcohol, as a result of which one gets rid of the state of intoxication faster. It also has a high content of choline which helps especially people who suffer from constipation due to sedentary work.

Finally, it is worth mentioning its antimicrobial activity as it is said to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other pathogens, which makes it useful for healing and cleaning or disinfecting wounds.

Greek honey vs imported

Greek honey is considered to be one of the best in the world. The reason for this lies in the biodiversity (high degree of variation of plants) and the soil and climate conditions of Greece, as well as Greek beekeepers’ high level of professionalism.

Honey technology is not particularly advanced in Greece, that’s why unlike Greek honey that has the minimum elaboration and standardization, imported honey is a highly standardized product of advanced elaboration (pollen extract, overheat, blended, and heated to extremes to prevent crystallization, colour change, etc).

Imported honey is very watery since it has high humidity, which makes it vulnerable to contamination.

The quality of Greek honey and the compliance with the Greek and the European legislation are ensured thanks to the frequent inspections of the EFET (Hellenic Food Authority) and other certified agencies.

Useful Facts

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