Greece has a century-old cheese-making tradition, you will be surprised to discover that Greek cheese includes more than just feta. From Kefalotyri and kaseri to ladotyri and graviera, Greece is able to offer a plethora of flavourful cheese for anyone.

As such, the island of Lesbos is known for its volcanic subsoil, mild climate, and enchanting surroundings. Lesbos has a long-standing tradition of producing cheese due to the special sheep milk that is available from the island.

In this blog, we will be sharing with you some of our favourite cheese that you should definitely try.


Ladotyri Lesbos Mytilinis

Ladotyri Mytilinis is one of the oldest Greek cheeses to have been produced from the island of Lesbos since ancient times. Hence why this cheese has PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status. This cheese is generally made from a mixture of both sheep and goat’s milk. Some variations use Sheep’s milk only.

Ladotyri Mytiliis is a pale coloured,  hard cheese that is moulded into a cylindrical shape and preserved in olive oil. The taste is very salty with a very small hint of spice and carries the distinctive flavour of sheep’s milk.

We suggest using this type of cheese as part of a cheese platter or to be enjoyed on its own. Click here to try our Ladotyri from Lesbos in Mytilini.



Traditional kasseri is made by hand-kneading the warmed, malleable curd to just the right consistency. Kaseri is a pale yellow cheese with a semi-hard texture. It has a slightly salty taste mixed with a light sweet flavour. This type of cheese is normally produced from 100% sheep’s milk. However, up to 10% of cows milk can be added to the mixture.

Kaseri cheese is best enjoyed as part of a table of cheeses, served with bread and olives, used as a topping for pizzas, or in savory pies such as pita kaisarias. You can find this cheese in our online shop by clicking here.


Graviera from Lesbos

Graviera is the second most popular cheese in Greece after Feta. The hard cheese is marked with a crisscross pattern, as the imprint from its draining cloth. There are different variations of the cheese. Some are made from sheep’s milk and others are made from cow’s milk.

Try this cheese grated and sprinkled over your favourite dishes, add it to a salad or try frying the cheese  (saganaki) and enjoy it as a snack.



Kefalotyri is a hard, salty cheese that is typically aged a year so the flavor is fairly strong. Typically this cheese is best enjoyed cut into small strips or cubes and then fried in a small pan (saganaki).  This cheese is traditionally made from unpasteurized sheep’s milk and has a sharp flavour with a dry texture.

Perfect for sharing as part of a meze and an ideal choice for sprinkling over any past bassed dish. Click here to find this cheese in our online shop!



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