Halva is a delicious, tasty snack that can be eaten at any time of the day and a traditional dessert served all over Greece. It can be enjoyed as a treat on its own or accompanied with bread, tea, coffee and wine. Some variations have a sweet taste, however there are many different textures and flavours available. The taste is heavily dependent on the additional ingredients that are mixed within the halvas. Any ingredient can be added to the mix including peanuts, almonds to  pistachios and chocolate.

Greek Halvas – How is it Made?

The handmade traditional Greek halva is made from tahini, which is from crushed sesame seeds, sugar syrup, sugar, vegetable oil along with some nuts and flavourings. Sesame halva is popular in the Balkans, the Middle East, and other areas around the Mediterranean. The main ingredients in this confectionery are sesame butter (tahini), sugar, glucose and / or honey.

The traditional Greek semolina-based halva recipe is based on the “1: 2: 3: 4” proportion of ingredients that need to be added. With this in mind, the mixture would include one unit of oil, two semolina, three sugars and four water. If you have never had the pleasure in trying Greek halva, then you will be amazed by the delicious taste of just these 4 ingredients combined.

For Greeks, this sweet treat is one of the main sweets eaten after lent, especially the variety made with tahini and sold in block type form. This type of halva is called Makedonikos Halvas (Macedonian Halva) and is sold by weight and is plain, chocolate-flavoured or topped with nuts. Greeks like to eat Makedonikos Halvas, sprinkled with lemon juice and cinnamon but even if you do not like this, there are at least five or six other versions of halva in Greece.

How does it taste?

Halva certainly has a unique flavour. Its rich, yet delicate texture is usually the first to be identified to those who are new to it As there are many variations of halva available, the flavour of the treat is reflected by the add-ins, such as chocolate, vanilla, or pistachios. Without any additional ingredients, plain halva primarily has a mild, nutty, and toasty flavour of tahini, or ground sesame seeds with a touch of sweetness from the sugar syrup.

When it comes to the texture of halva, it resembles a unique take on fudge, as it has a thick, dense mouthfeel like chocolate fudge which is messier and crumbly.

The Handmade halva by PAPASTAVROU which we offer via our e-shop, is prepared in traditional ways that were inherited from their ancestors. There is no other sweet quite like it, so if you plan to try halva, buy a flavour that interests you and get ready for a sweet, unique experience. Choose from our 5 varieties below for wholesale or retail orders:

Halva Chocolate with Stevia

Perfected with sweetener stevia, without sugar, a sesame snack for people who want to avoid sugar consumption in their daily diet

Halva Chocolate

Chocolate halva is a modern spin on a classic Greek dessert. The classic, traditional Greek halva, bursting with delicious flavour of chocolate for the lovers of sweetness.

Halva Vanilla with Stevia

Halva with vanilla flavour and natural sweetener stevia, without sugar, a sesame snack for people who want to avoid sugar consumption in their daily diet.

Halva Vanilla

The classic, traditional Greek halva, bursting with delicious vanilla and tahini flavour. Flossy, crumbly and still crunchy, as halva should be.

Halva Almond

One of the most classic and sophisticated flavours of halva is halva with almonds. Rich in nutrients and unique, full flavour that melts in the mouth.

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