Halva is a traditional sweet, traditionally enjoyed in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions. The word Halva actually comes from the Arabic ḥalwá which means “sweet”. It tends to usually come in two forms: one is flour and the other nut-based. The recipe for halva varies from region to region, but tahini (sesame paste) the common ingredient in most recipes. Nonetheless, it has recently grown in popularity and is enjoyed throughout Europe and particularly the UK, due to its great beneficial properties.

So how do you eat Halva, and what exactly is it?

There are two types of halva, one that uses flour as a base and the second type uses nut-based ingredients. The common ingredients for the flour halva are flour, semolina with butter, oil or ghee, water and sugar. These ingredients are a must for flour halva. Alternatively, nut-based halva is made with sesame seeds or sunflower seeds and formed into a paste that’s mixed with hot sugar syrup to form a bar.

Halva has a nutty, rich sweetness thanks to the toasty flavors of sesame seeds combined with sugar syrup. The flavor can change depending on the additional ingredients or toppings added. This can include rosewater, cardamom, swirls of caramel, a coating of dark chocolate, or a sprinkling of pistachios or hazelnuts for added crunch.

Not only is Halva enjoyed because of its delicious taste, but it also has nutritional benefits that are good for your health. Halva contains a lot of essential minerals, fatty acids, dietary fiber, proteins, amino acids, and other useful elements. But stay sane and indulge in this dessert in a moderate way because the sugar content is quite high.

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The HALVA SALONIKIOS COCOA by The Greek Deli, one of the best selections, when you are craving something Mediterranean sweet. In addition, we also off the HALVA SALONIKIOS VANILLA, the classic, traditional Greek halva, bursting with delicious vanilla and tahini flavour. Flossy, crumbly, and still crunchy, as halva should be.

The Greek Delicatessen Ltd. is the official distributor of Halva Salonikios and Meletiades confectionery products in the United Kingdom.

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