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Greeks are well known for their love of food and why wouldn’t they be?  They have one of the richest and most popular cuisines in the world, to say the least. There is however one Greek traditional food that holds a special place in Greek cuisine which is the pie. Pies are among the oldest, simplest and yet most delicious dishes one can find in the Mediterranean Country. Aside from the materials used for the filling of each pie type, all the Greek pies share something in common – the fillo. A special dough local bakers make with the use of thin pastry sheets.

These pies or ”Pites,” as they are known in Greek are available in a variety of fillings. So much that we can not precisely count how many different types of Greek pies there are out there.

Here we have rounded up our 5 favourite Greek pies that you should definitely try.


A delicious traditional Greek ‘Tiropita’ is great for every time of the day, as a main dish, starter or mid-day snack! As one of the favourite recipes in Greece,  every place, and family will have their own alternative baking method! The ”tiropita”, or feta cheese pie, can be described as the foundation of Greek pies. This dish is a savoury choice that offers a unique, Greek gastronomical experience. Try your hands at preparing this dish at home or if you don’t quite have the time, we have our tiropita (Click here to order) which you can simply pop into the oven to cook!


Spanakopita is a delicious savoury Greek pie with feta cheese and spinach dough, in perfectly crispy layers of fillo. Generally made in a large casserole dish, however you can also find them in the form of hand pies shaped in triangles or even rolls. This classic Greek dish that can be enjoyed as a starter, a light lunch, side dish or even supper. We suggest serving your Spanakopita with with a big salad like Greek salad or your favourite dips like Tzatziki and Hummus.


This traditional Greek dessert is made with the most creamy custard wrapped in golden brown crispy phyllo. Then sprinkled with melted butter and garnished with icing sugar and cinnamon. This pie is said to begin in Serres, in the Macedonia place of northern Greece, and is exceptionally well known in Thessaloniki. Bougatsa is perfect for every time of the day, for breakfast, as a delicious snack or a filling dessert.


Hortopita, incorporates a variety of horta (greens) combined with herbs, feta and then wrapped in phyllo. You will enjoy this vegetarians delight, made with incredibly large amounts of wild greens & a hint of cheese. Perhaps at most, roughly crumbed and sprinkled throughout the mix. Spinach or Silverbeet are now more commonly used because it is more widely available than the traditional wild green herbaceous plants. Enjoy this super versatile pie and serve it with just about anything. Enjoy it as a side dish for dinners and barbeques as it can be served cold or hot. Try it out today by clicking here to order our pre made hortopita dish that you can easily bake at home.


This hearty, savoury pie has a shredded chicken filling that tastes divine. When mixed with a creamy béchamel sauce and feta cheese, gives the filling a creamy, savoury, cheesy flavour. This make a great dish when you want to use some leftover chicken and make a delicious brand new dish! You will absolutely love our village kotopita with red peppers & feta cheese which you can find here. This traditional recipe is from the area of Pelion mountain. Its hand rolled filo pastry & rich filling make it simply irresistible.




This is just a small sample of the hundreds of pie varieties in Greece. You can order online from our e-shop right now and be enjoying some of Greece’s best pies before you know it.

The Greek Deli

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Accompanied by the very best of what Greek nature has to offer, we find our way into your homes and into your hearts. The Greek Deli has maximized our efforts so our deliveries are swift and provided in a safe and hygienic manner!

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