As summer is finally here, especially in Greece, we are certain you will have all given Mythos beer a try, on one of your trips to Greece. If not, you are definitely missing out. Mythos beer is an exceptional Greek beer with an authentic, impressive, and unique taste and personality.

Encompassing a lot of the elements, Greek would be proud of themselves, its refreshing taste has made it the beer of choice for most Greeks and not only, in Greece and beyond. Having already been awards as 2001 Interbeer International in the Beer and Whiskey competition, this beer by Mythos Brewery Ltd (the 2nd largest of its kind in Greece) is considered the first Authentic Greek beer by drinkers and peers in the industry’s national scene. Mythos Brewery Ltd was originally established in 1970 under the name, Henninger and since 1992 is a member of the Boutari Group.

Mythos was first produced in 1997 at the Mythos Brewery in Greece using the skills and know-how acquired by the brewmasters after collaborating with major European beer schools. The excellent quality of Mythos beer combined with the brand’s authentic and impressive personality have won the hearts of consumers. The superiority of Mythos’ recipe has also been recognized in the many tastings done by sommeliers and consumers.

Mythos beer is one of the best, Greek lager beers with a rich foam, bright blonde colour, and a pleasant, refreshing taste. Mythos is brewed from the finest varieties of barley and hops, ensures maximum enjoyment in every sip. The beer itself is a light straw-coloured, lager beer with an alcohol content of 4.7%.


ColorLight golden
AromaBalanced flavor with fruity nuances and hints of hops

Rich and long aftertaste with a hint of sweetness. Fresh and easy to drink .


Volume33 cl
Alcohol5,2 %

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