If you have not tried Melomakarona yet, now is most definitely the time! Not only because it is Xmas, the best period for them but also because we are now also able to offer them directly from our E-Shop! Along with the kourabies it is a traditional dessert prepared primarily during the Christmas holiday season.

The festive season, traditionally serves as a time that families spend time together playing, chatting, cooking and of course eating. Similarly in Greece, Xmas is a time when cooking and baking reigns supreme and all the family engages in helping out, to prepare the delicacies, sweets and desserts for the holiday season. And melomakarona, fall exactly in that category..

Melomakarona are one of the most popular treats throughout Greece during the Christmas Holidays and their intense homely smell makes every house smell like Christmas. Before Christmas, Greek pastry shops are richly decorated with Melomakarona and other pastries. The Melomakarona are mainly made from flour, olive oil, and honey, after baking they are soaked in a honey-sugar syrup and sprinkled with chopped walnuts and honey.

These utterly delicious, much-loved delights are traditional Greek Christmas spiced cookies that are full of taste and are guaranteed to be everyone’s favourite dessert at this year’s Xmas table.

To order your Terkenlis melomakarona this festive season, simply visit our website here and add them to your basket. They will not only add that extra taste to your Xmas table, but also impress your guess with their richness as the perfect assortment after your meal.

The Greek Deli stocks artisanal products, including olive oils, wines, cheeses,  mezedes, ready meals (such as pastitsio and gemista), sweets (such as baklava and kourabiedes), and Greek coffee (Loumidis). We even stock beloved Greek chocolates and cookies such as LactaIonSokofreta, and Gemista cookies, as well as an impressive selection of Greek wines. Also on sale are gift boxes, which can either be customized with your favorite products or pre-made (one box includes extra virgin olive oil, two bottles of wine, two jars of olive paste, roasted peppers, honey, chilies, and balsamic vinegar—perfect for sending the best of Greek tastes to a distant beloved!).

Accompanied by the very best of what Greek nature has to offer, we find our way into your homes and into your hearts. The Greek Deli has maximized our efforts so our deliveries are swift and provided in a safe and hygienic manner!

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