Diples are a traditional Greek Christmas sweet made of fried pastry coated in a honey syrup and topped with walnuts. The word diples in Greece comes from the word diplono which means folding. They were given this name due to the way the dough folds while it gets fried.

In Greece during Christmas time you will find diples being served in all sweet shops and baked at home. They have a sweet taste and are extremely crispy.

The traditional Greek diples can be challenging to make, so we also included an easier version of the recipe below. Give it a try!


For the Diples

  • 2 flat tbsps sugar
  • 2 flat tbsps baking soda
  • 350400g all-purpose flour
  • 5 eggs (divided)
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • juice of 1 orange
  • 1 tbsp white wine vinegar
  • 1/2 cup corn oil
  • a pinch of salt
  • vegetable oil for frying

For the syrup

  • 1/4 of a cup sugar
  • 1/4 of a cup water
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 150g chopped walnuts, for garnish


  1. Place the egg whites into the bowl of the electric mixer, along with a pinch of salt. Make sure your egg whites, bowl and whisk attachments are clean and free of any water. Whisk the egg whites until the mixture is very thick. Peaks should form when the whisk is lifted.
  2. Add the egg yolks one at a time, whilst mixing. Wait for each one to be absorbed, before adding another. In a cup add the orange and lemon juice and baking soda and blend, until dissolved and pour in the egg mixture. Next add the white wine vinegar and the sugar and mix.
  3. Pour the mixture in a large bowl or basin and sift in the flour. Then add the oil and knead the dough using your hands, until smooth and elastic, and not sticky. If it is sticky, sprinkle some more flour on the dough and surface.
  4. Separate the dough in four pieces, cover with some plastic wrap and let it rest for 30 minutes.
  5. Using a rolling pin, roll out each part of the dough into thin rectangle sheets. Here you can next decide whether you want to continue with the easy or the hard version.

    Continue with easy or hard version . .

  6. The traditional version, which is the harder version; Using a rolling cutter, cut the rolled out dough into rectangular pieces (approx. 12×25 cm). Heat the oil in a deep frying pan, until shimmering. Place a cut dough sheet in the hot oil. Using two large cooking forks and placing the edge between the tines of the fork, hold the end furthest away from you and roll the sheet away from you. Hold it a little with the fork in the oil, until coloured and place on some kitchen paper to drain. Repeat with the rest. It’s best to cut all the diples before you begin frying.
  7. For the easy version, using a rolling cutter, cut the rolled out dough into rectangular pieces (or square pieces (8×8 cm). Heat the oil in a large frying pan, and deep fry the diples in batches of 3-4 at a time, depending on the how large is the pan, pushing them down with a fork and flipping them sides, until coloured. Place on some kitchen paper to drain and repeat with the rest.
  8. Prepare the syrup for the diples. Pour in a pot all the syrup ingredients and bring to the boil; boil for 5 minutes, until the sugar has dissolved (do not stir the syrup).
  9. Place the diples on a serving platter and drizzle with the syrup or soak each one in the syrup for a few seconds if you like them extra syrupy. Then sprinkle with ground walnuts and cinnamon. Enjoy!


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