Greece is known today for its herbs and spices that are used in teas, homeopathic remedies and cooking. But did you know that there are many herbs that the ancient Greeks used that are still popular in Greece today? There are a number of spices and herbs that are used specifically for Greek cooking and can also be found in other cuisines. You might be surprised to find out you already have some of these spices and herbs already in your cupboards.

Join us on this blog as we take a look at 5 of the most popular Greek herbs and spices .


This herb can be used fresh, however the dried form is the more preferable, aromatic form. Greek oregano is the most fragrant of all the oregano varieties and is that special kick of  flavour you get in Greek salads, lamb dishes, and sauces, including roasted lamb and potatoes, Kapathian meat sauce, and sprinkled on feta slices with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil.

Besides being one of the most popular herbs in Greek cuisine in modern times, back in ancient Greece this herb was thought to bring good luck and good health as well as symbolize joy.


Thyme is widely used as an infusion for olive oil and vinegar, and in a number of dishes, including soups, stews, poultry, fish, and stuffed vegetables. It is also used to flavour breads and spoon sweets. In addition Greek-island honey is thyme scented, as this herb grows throughout the countryside and bees love the nectar from its little purple flowers.

In the ancient times, people used to burn branches of thyme during sacred ceremonies as an incense to please the Gods. Thyme was also considered as a symbol for courage and fortitude.

Add some thyme to your dishes, such as hearty legumes, soups, or Greek lemon potatoes to enjoy this delicious flavour.

Bay Leaf

Whole dried leaves are used to flavour soups, stews, tomato sauces, meat, and seafood dishes. Once the dish is cooked, the whole leaves can be easily found, removed and discarded. This is one herb that adds flavour but should not be eaten itself, as the leaf edges can be sharp and may cause internal injury.

Bay leaves can be a great home remedy for a cold and helps to get rid of a stuffy nose when used as an extracted oil.  You can add some drops in your purifier or into a bowl when you do herbal steam inhalation.

Add a bay to your meal whilst cooking to allow the flavours to be slowly released.


This unique herb is beloved by all for its incomparable aroma, flavour, and healing properties. Rosemary grows all over the Mediterranean region; however, you can find the best quality wild rosemary on Pindos mountain, in northern Greece. Rosemary has a stronger pungent slightly bitter taste compared to thyme which leaves a more herbal wood-like note in your mouth.

Rosemary is also associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and fertility in Greek mythology. The ancient Greeks viewed rosemary as a natural fertility booster herb.

If you are looking for a natural stress relief, a huge cup of rosemary tea may be beneficial. The herb contains ursolic and rosmarinic acid which are proven to fight stress and burnout.


Dill is used in many Greek dishes, including salads and the famous Greek spinach pie known as “spanakopita.”

Greeks will only use fresh dill, as it looses most of its flavour when dried. This is the herb that gives the signature taste to tzatziki, magiritsa, and a Greek omelet.

It is best to add dill during the last minutes of cooking to retain its essence.



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