Kalimera as we would say in Greek, or better, Kali Kiriaki, which means Happy Sunday.

Sunday is a day celebrated by all Greeks in and beyond the borders of the country. Whether it is an early walk to the beach, a visit to your local church, or perhaps a meeting with friends at a local taverna, all Greeks will agree to one thing. The highlight of the day is undoubtedly the family Sunday meal, with a glass of Red Wine, to accompany what is usually a traditional Greek roast, pastitsio, or Fasolada!

Greeks most definitely like their drinks, whether that be a glass of Ouzo (or Tsipouro for the more hardened), Red Wine or a multidimensional Beer. As such, wine is high up on the list of choices, and what with the numerous highly successful vineyards nationwide, wit has become one of Greece’s largest exports worldwide.

However, it is often said, that “a glass of red wine a day, keeps the doctor away” amongst other things), so let’s have a look at some of the benefits of red wine as recognized by scientists, wine enthusiasts, and drinkers globally.


Red wine is not only delicious in taste but also rich in nutrients making it one of the healthiest alcoholic drinks available. Made by crushing and fermenting dark-colored grapes, red wine has been researched and studied for many years and is thought to have a plethora of health benefits when consumed in moderation. We’ve hence “dwelled” into the matter a bit further and chosen the 5 most widely accepted benefits of red wine, stemming from the latest research into our favourite “vino”.

Rich in Antioxidants
Darker grapes such as those found in red wines are higher in resveratrol, epicatechin, catechin, and proanthocyanidins. Resveratrol, a polyphenol, may help protect the lining of blood vessels in your heart and are mainly responsible for keeping you healthy.

Lowers bad cholesterol
High-fiber Tempranillo red grapes, used to make certain varieties of red wines such as Rioja,can help to lower bad cholesterol levels. At the same time, it can raise levels of good HDL cholesterol by as much as 5 to 15 percent according to research.

Helps weight control
You would be glad to know that resveratrol also helps keep a check on your weight. The chemical compound piceatannol converted from resveratrol reduces the fat cells in our body. According to the researchers, piceatannol fastens the insulin receptors of fat cells which blocks the pathways required for immature fat cells to grow.

Good heart health
Research has shown that drinking moderate amounts of red wine can have a positive effect on your heart health. A study concluded that red wine is linked to lower risks of coronary heart disease and the wine itself may have cardioprotective effects.

Contorls type 2 diabetes
Moderate red wine drinking can help to decrease the cardiometabolic risk in people who have type 2 diabetes. The Ethanol in wine plays a crucial role in metabolizing glucose and that the nonalcoholic ingredients may also contribute

The Greek Deli is proud to offer a variety of high-quality Red Greek wines, from some of the most famous vineyards in Thessaloniki, Crete and other famously fertile areas. We are proud to work with some exclusive Wine-makes such as Ktima Lazaridi, and Porto Carras vineyards, and Ktima Pavlidi Chateau allowing us to offer some premium wines, directly to our customers on both the retail and wholesale side.

Feel free to have a look at our Top 3 recommendations below:

1. Ampeloeis Silver 2009 Red

Ampeloeis Silver is a mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, rich red wine with a sensational ruby colour & aromas of berries & oak wood.

Its varied maturing gives complexity to this wine, with possibilities to develop further.

Ideal with stews & casseroles.

2. Domaine Messenicolas by G. Karamitros Tales of Blood

The Greek version of the French Cabernet Sauvignon variety – the king of red grapes. Grown in the fertile soil of Messenicolas, along the foothills of the Agrafa Mountains at 700 meters altitude near lake N. Plastiras, this grape is brought out in the most unique, light, and aromatic manner.

An intense, full-bodied wine, with strong tannins, a long aftertaste, and the deep red colour of blood.

3. Nico Lazaridi Magic Mountain Red 750ml

Grown in Macedonia, at the local communities of Agora, Pigadia, Adriani, in the valley and the low hills on the South-East of Drama town. Intense, deep red colour. Rich and well-structured palate with aromas of red forest fruit in a perfect combination of spices, which blend with the aromas of the barrel. A noble, dense and complete wine with rich character, delightful complexity, and ripe tannins

Accompanied by the very best of what Greek nature has to offer, we find our way into your homes and into your hearts. The Greek Deli has maximized our efforts so our deliveries are swift and provided in a safe and hygienic manner!

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