6 Best Greek islands to go on Holiday in 2020!

It has been a somewhat “wet” February to say the least with storms and rains up and down the country. On the one side, it most definitely made a number of evenings enjoyable, sipping on a glass of ouzo and nibbling Greek snacks whilst listening to the drizzling sounds of rain outside.

However, we all could do with a sunnier days to brighten our mood and what better a way, that planning your holiday this summer. We take it as a given, that Greece is one of your preferred destinations so let’s have a look at some of our favourite islands in Greece for you to visit this year.

The best Greek islands boast the shiny blue of waters, picturesque white houses and churches and dazzling miles of sandy beaches. Whether you’re looking to try and visit several islands in one go or you’re searching for the best Greek islands for couples, families or foodies, we’ve considered it all.

We’ve selected 6 of the most beautiful isles for you to visit and explore this year, and  also added a few personalised tips. Let’s have a look:


There are not many places in the world that can compete with the unparalleled. Nearly 2 million people flock to this tiny island every year, thus earning its place among the world’s most popular holiday destinations beauty of Santorini. It offers stunning views, magical sunsets, delicious fresh seafood, distinctive architecture and of course the unmissable volcanic mineral beaches. A must visit for everyone at least ONCE IN THEIR LIFETIME.


Corfu. Otherwise known as Greece’s emerald island and the birthplace of Prince Philip. The second-largest Ionian island has been a holiday hotspot since the 1970s and also boasts some stunning beaches. The island benefits from beautiful mountains hanging over the gorgeous blue Ionian Sea with a smattering of beaches, gorgeous villas, points of interest, old towns and tucked away restaurants in between.


Rhodes is steeped in history and beauty as most Greek islands. It offers an enormous variety of natural beauties, an intense nightlife, great trecking and other outdoor activities and some amazing culinary pleasures as the island is well known for its delicacies. Last but not least, even though Rhodes is nowadays a tad more cosmopolitan, there are still many places that have kept their traditional character. Exploring those places is a unique experience, offering the opportunity to feel what Rhodes once was like and how people were living


Kos is not as popular as many would assume and is often considered a “wellness island”. It comes with an abundance of beautiful beaches and the custom turquoise Greek waters. What is more it a variety of wellness spots to treat yourself to that relaxing holiday you have longed for which you can experience at places like Agios Fokas, Piso Thermes and Kokkinonero.  It is also home to one of Greece’s most important archaeological sites, Hippocrates’ Asclepeion, which was a healing centre containing temples, hot springs and a school for physicians.


Zakynthos – also commonly known as Zanteor Zante – is known for both its beautiful beaches as well as its endangered aninal species, available only on the island. We strongly advise a visit to its drop-dead gorgeous beaches (like Shipwreck Beach below known as Nauagio in Greek) as they are truly stunning. Nonetheless, do take an interest in its endangered sea turtles, which lay their eggs on the Ionian island’s white sands as it is a fascinating  and once in a lifetime event to watch. Around the island, there’s an amazing view of the harbour from Bochali and vineyards to taste the famous Rhodes wine produced from local grapevines.


Mykonos is also known as ” the Glamour Island” of Greece boasting many celebrity visitors and fans. It arrogantly flaunts its sizzling St-Tropez-meets-Ibiza style and party-hard reputation and attracts all kinds of party-goers and holiday makers. A gorgeous whitewashed Cycladic maze, delighting in its cubist charms and its chichi cafe-bar-boutique scene it is a must visit for those with a taste for the finer things in life.

Do not hesitate to tell us what you think of the 7 choices above or let us know of the Island you have already booked your holidays for this year. Remember, you can always visit Greece twice this year so make sure you choose your destination carefully. We look forward to your comments and of course your photos of your holiday sunny beaches and delicious Greek food.

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