Beef Stifado Recipe (Greek Beef Stew)

Stifado, also now as a Greek red wine beef stew is a hearty delicious dish perfect for any occasion. With tender melt in your mouth beef, plenty of fresh herbs, and delicate pearl onions are slowly cooked in an aromatic red wine broth.  Traditionally stifado was cooked exclusively with rabbit meat. However beef was more […]

Heart-warming Greek Stifado

Stifado - Greek beef Stew with pearl onions

If you know any Greeks, then you’ve probably heard of Stifado. Stifado is a traditional heart-warming Greek beef stew made with plenty of onions. This dish lends great depth of flavour and a subtle sweetness that simple makes it irresistible. In some recipes, you will find that people will make it with baby onions or […]

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