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Chocolate & Biscuits

Chocolate & Biscuits

ION Amygdalou, Lacta and Sokofreta! Too good to be true?

Goody Biscuits with Cinnamon 104g
Traditional Greek cinnamon biscuits.
ION Galaktos 70g
A delicious milk cholocalte from ION.
Lacta 80g
A delicious milk chocolate.
Petit Beurre Papadopoulou
Old time classic butter biscuits most loved by all Greeks!
Sokofreta with Hazelnuts
Go for Sokofreta Green if you love hazelnuts!
Ygeias Pavlidou Chocolate 100g
The most old time classic dark chocolate from Greece.
Υemista Papadopoulou 200g
Old time classic sandwich chocolate biscuits from Greece!
Lila Pause Strawberry 34g
For those who love strawberries!
Ygeias Pavlidou Chocolate with Cappuccino 100g
Old time classic dark chocolate from Greece!
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