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Pasta & Tomato Sauces

Pasta & Tomato Sauces

We are proud to offer you the premium Melissa range, the number one choice of all Greek pasta lovers!

Helios Cannelloni 250g
Make your own perfect cannelloni!
Helios Hylopitaki 500g
Made with fresh eggs for The Greek Deli!
Helios Couscous 500g
Traditional Greek Couscous, totally delicious!
Helios Macaroni No5 500g
Traditional Macaroni no5 - "macaronia xondra" - for an authentic...
Helios Macaroni No2 500g
This is the one you need for Pasticcio
Helios Kritharaki (orzo) pasta 500g- big size
Traditional Greek orzo pasta (kritharaki) - big
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