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Greek wine is considered one of the finest globally and Greek wines are slowly but steadily making their way to some of the best restaurants worldwide. The Mediterranean is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world and among the first wine-producing territories in Europe

Greece offers outstanding wine value and new varieties to expand your palate and their varieties are now gaining attention in the rest of the world due to their affordable cost and accompanied quality, setting a trend in the world of wine lovers.

Our wine section on our website has a eclectic variety of white, red and rose wines with one of our most popular wines undoubtedly being the Malagouzia (mah-la-goo-see-ah) wine, in all its variations.


Malagousia is a white wine grape grown in Greece. The grape is extremely aromatic and has the capacity to produce elegant and soft wines. This melony, jasmine-scented white was on the brink of extinction before winemaker Evangelos Gerovassiliou began growing it again. The winemaker from Salonica, the 2nd biggest city in Greece, was the first to begin experimental vinification with the grape, initially at the Porto Carras winery and later on his own winery in his personal estate.

The grapes are collected and instantly taken to the winery where they are frozen to prevent oxidation. They are then placed in wooden or metal barrels to age and ferment for 4 years or more whilst the sweet wines require 4-7 years to develop their potential and in fact keep improving. The aromatic profile of the wine highly depends on the time of harvest. If the vine is harvested below 11.5% alcohol, the scent is reduced. If harvested above 14%, the fragrance becomes similar to a Muscat and can be quite strong. The sweetness is usually derived when harvested in the range of 12.5-13.5%.

Malagousia is a hugely successful variety, widely acclaimed around the world. Its wines are grand examples of aromatic whites, full of vibrancy and complexity. When dry, it can be an exquisite match to greens, salads and even artichokes, a famous “wine killer.” Sweet wines are finely paired with fruit desserts.

Nowadays, Malagousia grapes are grown throughout Greece and the name appears on many best selling labels serving as a sign of quality and deliciousness. It stands out for its finesse, balance and aromatic qualities ideal with Greek traditional dishes, such as a Greek salad,  seafood, vegetable stews with fresh herbs, pies and yellow cheeses.

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