Here at the Greek Delicatessen, we are very meticulous when choosing the suppliers of our products on offer. We not only ensure they produce high quality goods but also fulfill a range of  criteria, ensuring they use modern, environmentally friendly materials and packaging. What is more, it is crucial to us to learn more about our producers, and visit their premises to test products ourselves.

As such, we were always aware that we would need to find a high-quality partner to help us deliver the best Greece has to offer to all our customers. Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Greek olive oils are highly regarded for their attractive, well-balanced flavor profiles of medium to intense fruitiness. After strenuous and long-search we came across Latzimas, a family business with a year-long tradition in the production of olive oil. And a partnership of flavour and love was born…

The Latzimas Company

Based on their values and principles and with love to the land of our ancestors, they produce the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Organic Farming “Latzimas” with real dedication. Their lands, olive-oil press, and standardization unit lie in the area of Northern Mylopotamos in the prefecture of Rethymnon – Crete, which is an area of Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.).

They are producers with a year-long experience in olive-oil and the company has been doing business since 1991. They choose the best fruit from locally owned olive groves and process it in their olive-oil press with cold extraction. Subsequently, they store the product in stainless tanks and pack it using the most sophisticated equipment, always in accordance with the European Union Regulations and with those of the World Council for Olive Oil.

Respecting the environment and our land and appreciating the long Cretan tradition, their philosophy is to promote Cretan diet. It is proven by the international scientific community, this diet model enhances good health and longevity. Olive oil is the primary ingredient of the Cretan diet. Their main objective is the production of guaranteed quality and origin products by monitoring all stages of olive oil production: olives picking as well as processing and packaging. Moreover, they constantly guide their producers in order to maximize their production performance thus, our olive oil coming to you meeting the strictest quality and safety standards, while maintaining its high nutritional value, authentic taste and the rich fragrances of the Cretan land.

Focused on preserving the Greek heritage and the excellent Cretan olive oil and authenticity, we are constantly seeking new markets and challenges and are proud to work alongside Latzimas, to provide you with the best Greek Olive Oil available.

Browse our extensive selection of premium-quality Greek olive oils from award-winning producers below:

  1. Latzimas Extra Virgin Olive (3L)

Latzimas series extra virgin olive oil: the best quality olive oil with a rich, fruity, spicy smell , but also a characteristic bitter taste , whose content of free fatty acids, expressed as oleic acid, does not exceed 0.8 g per 100 g of olive oil ( acidity: 0 – 0.8%).

  1. Latzimas Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5L)

Latzimas series extra virgin olive oil: the best quality olive oil with a rich, fruity, spicy smell , but also a characteristic bitter taste , whose content of free fatty acids, expressed as oleic acid, does not exceed 0.8 g per 100 g of olive oil ( acidity: 0 – 0.8%).

  1. Latzimas Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5L)

This superb olive oil is produced from olives growing in the area of North Mylopotamos, an area which has all the necessary conditions such as the soil and the microclimate to produce one of the very best olive oils in the whole world. Produced from the highest quality “Koroneiki” variety crop. Its pure green colour, rich aroma and mellow taste make savouring Latzimas a unique experience.

So what are you waiting for? Choose one of our flavourful olive oils above and tell what you think of Latzimas, and their quality products.

The Greek Delicatessen

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