Benefits of Greek Olive Oil

Greece produces a high share of Greek Olive Oil where much of it’s high quality is due to favourable climate and soil. The regions of Crete and the Peloponnese are the most concentrated growing areas, making up 65 percent of olive oil output. Most of the newer, intensive farms are located in these regions.

Greece also enjoys a reputation for producing high-quality olive oil. In a good year, as much as 80 percent of Greek olive oil meets the standard for extra virgin grade, the highest share in the Mediterranean. Even within the extra virgin category, Greek oils can be differentiated from others because they have desirable flavours and score well on quality tests. Greek oils are also considered among the fruitiest and most robust. As a result, they are in high demand by bottlers for blending with other extra virgin oils to raise the overall quality and increase the flavour of the final product.

With olive oil now being a staple in many diets, we have listed below the top eight benefits of Greek Olive Oil.

 1. Greek Olive Oil is Rich in vitamins

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and especially vitamin E. Among all plant oils, olive oil is the highest in monounsaturated fat, which doesn’t oxidize in the body. It is widely used in skin creams and lotions because it reduces scarring and promotes healing, and is excellent for the hair as well.

2. Lowers blood pressure

By consuming just a small amount of olive oil on a regular basis, it can decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

3. Improves bone mineralization and calcification

A high consumption of olive oil has been shown to improve bone calcification. It helps calcium absorption and so plays an important role in aiding sufferers and in preventing the onset of osteoporosis.

4. Reduces the risks of stokes

Many studies have found that using olive oil may reduce the chances of a stroke by up to 40%. The primary reason is that people who use extra virgin olive oil are essentially increasing the use of heart-healthy fats in their monounsaturated diet. The combination of healthy fats, reduced oxidative stress, and a healthy diet always leads to better cardiovascular health and a reduced risk for strokes.

6. Acts as a natural protector.

Extra virgin olive oil has a lubricating effect. This manages to cover the walls of the intestine so that food moves more easily, favouring not only absorption, but also better transit so that abdominal pain does not occur during digestion.

6. Lowers risk of arthritis 

Although the reasons are still not fully clear, recent studies have proved that people with diets containing high levels of olive oil are less likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis.

7. Antibacterial Properties 

Extra virgin olive oil has nutrients that can effectively inhibit or even kill harmful bacteria in your body. Some of the bacteria that extra virgin olive oil can protect you against are even resistant to antibiotics. Even 40 grams of extra virgin olive oil per day can completely eliminate harmful bacteria in your body.

8. Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes

Extra virgin olive oil also tends to have positive effects on blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity. As a result, it helps ward off type 2 diabetes. One of the compounds in EVOO helps in glucose metabolism, improving the effectiveness of insulin. If you couple the use of EVOO with a Mediterranean diet or a low-fat diet, you can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 50%.


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