Wine making in Greece has an amazingly long history (right back to the beginning of recorded history in fact!) and it follows that there are many white wine grape types indigenous to Greece.

While some international grape varietals (particularly Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc) have certainly made their way into Greek vineyards and are producing fine whites, we feel that the unique character of Greek white wines is best expressed when produced with our local varieties.

Here at The Greek Delicatessen, we are proud to have a complete selection of award winning Greek white wines to suit every taste at truly unbeatable prices. As such, we have partnered up with some of the best Greek Wine Producers and Wineries, to ensure you are able to choose from a range of different wines across Greece.

One of these happens to be Winery Monsieur Nicolas of family Karamitrou, located at the gorgeous Lake of Plastiras in the region of Thessaly, in Greece. So let’s dwelve more into the history of the company and why their wines are considered worldwide, some of the best in Greece.

Winery Monsieur Nicolas

A setting with breathtaking beauty, a real-life fairy tale and people who tell their story, from the Middle Ages to the present, through the ‘Art of Wine’. Chestnut and oak trees give the horizon its blended colour. The Agrafa “Sleeping Beauty” – if you squint a little, the mountains form a shape of a female form in repose – casts its shadow over the plain.  It shields the tiny villages, safe in its welcoming embrace, and protects them from invaders.  People raised between the earth and sky, their faces creased by hard work, mornings damp with rain and afternoons sizzling in the sun.

The village of Messenicolas lies nested in this warm embrace. A small village with a long history, endowed with an unexpected legacy: a fascinating tale. This story does not begin “once upon a time”, but with an arrival. That of Monsieur Nicolas (Messie Nikola), a Frankish nobleman who ended up in the area in 1455 after his battalion disbanded. Charmed by the village and its surroundings, he settled in to start a new life. Monsieur Nicolas carried with him the French wine-making culture and his love for grape-growing. This led him to systematically develop viticulture in the region and particularly the “Black Messenicola” varietal, a unique type that grew in the area since antiquity.

The artificial lake Plastiras, planned and inspired by General Nikolaos Plastiras, from the beginning of its construction in the 1950s gradually transformed the Thessalian plain into a paradise and radically improved the microclimate of the Messenicolas PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) zone and the wider region.

It is this aura which cares for the vines that grow in this specially endowed terroir, which keeps them healthy and well-nourished all year long and reveals in a unique way the characteristics of local varietals such as: Limnionas, Batiki, Roditis, Black Messenicola —as well as French Chardonnay, Syrah and Carignan and such other varietals as the unconventional Assyrtiko and the elegant Malagouzia.  The locals gave his name, which they pronounced to sound like “Messenicolas”, to the village and to the grape variety, as a modicum of appreciation for his contribution to the grape-producing and wine-making heritage of the area.

With the deepest faith in this saying, George Karamitros has long dedicated himself to the development and promotion of local varietals such as Black Messenicola, Batiki and Limnionas. Results demonstrate the rightness of this course of action, since the wines of the WINERY MONSIEUR NICOLAS have not only conquered the hearts and palates of oenophiles around the world but have also, year after year, won dozens of awards at prestigious wine competitions in both Greece and abroad.

Have a look at the authentic Greek wines we stock below, and simply place your order online for delivery directly to your door.

Domaine Messenicolas by G. Karamitros Hit The Road

Some people say women don’t know what they want – big mistake. They know exactly what they want and what they don’t want! When they don’t want something, they have the courage to say “hit the road” and mean it. And then, my friend, there is no going back.

Strong, wild, but with an irresistible sweetness, these are the women we adore and to whom we dedicate every single achievement in our life. A delicious semi sweet wine, a blend of Assyrtiko & Chardonnay. Golden highlights with an intense aroma of green apple and bananas and a stunning sweetness

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Domaine Messenicolas by G. Karamitros NOBLIS Chardonnay

The great Chardonnay, from the French terroir of Chablis, the highland vineyards of Mesenicola above the fresh hug of Lake Plastiras shores – thanks to its adaptability – acquired a superior and even more complex character. The winemaker Giorgos Karamitros artfully employs the technique of Batonnage, and, putting together his own wine Art, produces an exceptional scented Chardonnay, with a full “nose” of delicate fragrances such as green apple, lime and unripe pale-fleshed peach. A wine that exhibits a subtle, refined flavor while it is distinguished by its rich taste and fruity complexity. Leave it in your cellar for up to 10 years, its maturity will bring back memories of gentleness and nobility from good old times.

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Domaine Messenicolas by G. Karamitros Lady Of The Lake

The Roditis grape bequeaths its delicate characteristics, subtlety and discreetness to create a dry white wine with perfectly balanced acidity and alcohol. Lake N. Plastiras, which is responsible for the unique microclimate of the Messenicolas terroir, is the main reason behind this wine’s refined and delicate taste and aroma. It was just those features which inspired the wine maker to name this wine “LADY OF THE LAKE”, which he dedicated to his mother – his own “lady of the lake” who lives in Messenicolas, near Lake N. Plastiras. An excellent choice for those who prefer a subtle, lightly aromatic flavour and long-lasting aftertaste.

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Domaine Messenicolas by G. Karamitros Moi Je M’En Fous Malagouzia

Malagouzia is one of the most famous Greek grapes, the “queen” of the Greek vineyards.  Our Moi Je M’En Fous Malagouzia is a crisp, fruity wine. Beautiful, clear colour. Aromas of grapefruit, orange, peach and jasmine on the palate. Fresh aftertaste. Ideal with sea food, poultry & fresh salads.   Je M’En Fous means in French “I don’t give a damn, I don’t care…” Believe it or not it is a phrase we the Greeks use when we want to say we don’t care. Our friend George Karametros, oenologist and wine maker, the man behind the Je M’En Fous wines, explains why he gave this name to his new line of wines: “Moi J M’En Fous!”, says George, “have a sip and rediscover the child within you. Relive your childhood with a tasty wandering in orchards with orange and lemon trees. Try a grapefruit like it is your first time! Cut a peach with your hands!

When the Malagouzia grape is grown in the shade of the Agrafa Mountains, moistened by the gentle breeze off lake Plastiras, it acquires another dimension. It’s no wonder that it has the earned royal status in the Greek vineyard. This white wine stands out for its enjoyable, fresh and full flavour combined with a cheerful, light-hearted mood.

See again the world you so longed for with Malagouzia Moi Je M’En Fous!”

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Domaine Messenicolas by G. Karamitros Two Moons White

Ranked fifth among the wines from this region with respect to number of awards won: the International Wine Challenge awarded the 2010 vintage Gold and the 2018 vintage Silver. Assyrtiko white wine from top oenologist and wine maker George Karametros, Karditsa, Central Greece. Two Moons white is a beautiful white wine made of selected grapes of the Assytriko, the Greek “Sauvignon Blanc”. It matures in oak barrels. Its bright yellow colour and its bouquet of citrus fruit and lemon blossom will surprise you.  Try it with sea food, fish, pasta marinara, pork in white sauces.

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So if you are also a fan of white wines, look no further than our dedicated White Wine section to take your pick, from a plethora of unique and refreshing Greek wines available.

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