Xmas Kourabiedes Now In Stock!

We are pleased to announce we have recently restocked on all your favourite products for the festive season. From melomakarona, halva to tahini and kourabiedes, we have a wide range of delicious new items for everyone to choose. As such, it felt almost compulsory, that we restock on everyone’s favourite Christmas treat, mouth-watering traditional kourabiedes, […]

The Mediterranean Diet: It’s a Lifestyle

When ever the word ‘diet’ follows after another word, it seems to always garner a lot of attention. To be honest, we all know that a diet only works if you stay on them indefinably. Which tends to be almost near impossible. While companies may have cashed in on the “Mediterranean diet” buzz words – […]

Revani Cake Recipe!

Revani cake is a traditional cake found in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern region. It is a delightful semolina cake that is soaked in a light syrup. One thing all Greek desserts have in common is of course the scented syrup, which makes each slice of moist cake just irresistible! In our Greek Deli recipe, […]

Time to try Greek Beers

If we go back in history, one will easily discover that archaeological excavations reveal that beer was first made in Greece in the Bronze Age. Nonetheless even though Greek wines and spirits are world famous, beer has never been a product of export for Greece. Whether that be Ouzo, Raki, Tsipouro or Mavrodafni. There are […]

Tsoureki Recipe: Traditional Greek Easter Bread

Tsoureki at Easter

Tsoureki is a sweet Greek bread which is traditionally served during Easter. The tsoureki symbolizes the Resurrection of Christ and rebirth in general as the flour is moulded into shape and rises, taking on life as it transforms into its final shape. The red-dyed eggs which is usually placed on top of the braided tsoureki […]

Best Greek Chocolate: ION

There’s no denying that chocolate it the ultimate sweet pleasure. They just seem to fill you with joy, no matter what the occasion, whether you are celebrating with your friends spending time with the family or looking to share it with a special person in your life. Especially in Greece as there are many great […]

Greek Doughnuts with Honey & Almonds

Loukoumades with Honey and Walnuts

Loukoumades are little bites sized fluffy donuts that are traditionally deep fried until golden and crispy. These are served hot with a generous helping of honey drizzled on top and a sprinkle of walnut for added texture. A favourite amongst many Greeks and easy to make which is why we have provided below our guide […]

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