When ever the word ‘diet’ follows after another word, it seems to always garner a lot of attention. To be honest, we all know that a diet only works if you stay on them indefinably. Which tends to be almost near impossible. While companies may have cashed in on the “Mediterranean diet” buzz words – in the sense of a diet, it’s nothing more than a typical fad. Only if you approach it as a simple diet. We do not look at the Mediterranean diet as a type of  quick fix, as after all, it’s backed by scientific research, but rather as a lifestyle. As that is what it really is and that’s how it needs to be followed in order to see its life changing results.

Greek people living on the islands, specifically Crete in the early 1960s were noticeably living longer and had less chronic issues than most of the world. This phenomena intrigued scientists which is why they decided undergo some research. What they discovered was that the Mediterranean countries shared a similar lifestyle of exercise like walking, and food consumption that was fresh and healthy.

It’s all about healthy quantities

Eating less ahs never been a secret. You may have noticed while visiting a Mediterranean country that eating is not looked at as something you do in a hurry. It’s certainly not something you do whilst on the go either. Eating any meal is treated as an event that is shared with family and friends. You talk, engage with others and take your time enjoying your meal. For example, a typical lunch can last anywhere between 2-3hrs.

It’s known that there is a delay between the time you eat and when your brain registers that you’re full.  Most people will sit down to eat and clear their plate just to feel stuffed. However, by talking with people and enjoying the moment, you slow down your eating. Therefore you tent to eat less or just the right amount.

What to eat

If you are looking to adopt the Mediterranean eating lifestyle, a good portion of your plate should consist of: fruits, vegetables, breads, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Any processed foods should be avoided.


Eating a lot of fish is vital for the Mediterranean lifestyle and it’s important that you start incorporating it into your diet if you don’t already. While there are some fish Greeks will cook with more than others, it’s best to find one you like and start there. Whether its salmon or halibut, discover what works best for you.

Dairy and Poultry

Chicken dishes are popular and eaten a few times a week. There are a few dishes like Kotopita and Souvlaki that are delicious and can fill your chicken needs! Some people will eat Greek yogurts and cheese daily. Yogurt is very popular as a dessert, more often with a dollop of honey. Try what works best for you, and like with everything in life, it’s all in moderation.

Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet

The New England Journal of Medicine published a report in 2013 that followed two groups of people. One group was following the Mediterranean diet and another group following the ever popular, “low-fat diet”. They found that people following a Mediterranean plan had 30% less cardiovascular issues than those who were on the low-fat diet. The research team concluded “Among persons at high cardiovascular risk, a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil or nuts reduced the incidence of major cardiovascular events”.

Overall the Mediterranean lifestyle has a good balance of healthy fats, high in fresh foods and has low levels of highly processed foods. In addition, being high in fibre, it makes the diet filling without providing excess calories. Most importantly for health, it’s rich in antioxidants and can reduce inflammation in the body

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and decide to embark on a journey to follow a Mediterranean eating lifestyle and take advantage of some great health benefits.


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