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Oregano is widely used throughout Greek cuisine and is one of the defining flavours of Greece. Greek oregano grown native to the country differs from other species from other Mediterranean countries. In this blog, we will look at the characteristic and benefits of this popular Greek herb.

What is oregano?

Considered as one of the best in the world, Greek oregano is distinctive in it’s characteristics. Whether that be in it’s wild state or when cultivated on a Greek farmland. Compared with other oregano found in other Mediterranean countries, the Greek variety is earthy, aromatic and stronger in flavour.


According to Greek mythology the goddess Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, created and grew the herb in her garden on Mount Olympus. She made it a symbol of happiness and joy for the Greek people. Therefore the ancient Greeks widely used the herb in wedding ceremonies and for good luck.

Some time later, the famous Greek physician Hippocrates started to regularly prescribe it to his patients to relieve digestive issues and soothe respiratory illnesses.

In the Elizabethan era, much of the superstition around oregano re-emerged. It was then used to bring about happiness, health and good luck


Greek oregano contain high levels of antioxidants which are know to neutralise free radicals in the body, making it a great herb for general health and wellbeing. Oregano can also helps with inflammation and improve insulin resistance thanks to it’s high levels of a compound called carvacrol. These are just some of the great benefits Greek oregano has to offer. So what is the best way to enjoy eating this delicious herb?

Greek oregano


Enjoy oregano seasoning on a range of dishes! Greek oregano has a warm and slightly sour and spicy taste, which can vary in intensity depending on the conditions it’s grown in. The herb gives an earthy, savoury flavour to various dishes, such as grilled meats and salads. We also find that oregano makes a great companion to feta, helping to cut through the creaminess of the cheese.

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We hope you enjoy it – there is nothing quite like the Greek oregano!


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