Pasta & Tomato Puree

  • The Greek Deli Hylopitaki 500g
  • The Greek Deli Kritharaki – Orzo Pasta 500g
  • The Greek Deli Trahanas Sweet 500g
  • The Greek Deli Trahanas Sour 500g
  • Makaroni No2 – Pasticcio 500g
  • Melissa Traditional Kritharaki Pasta (orzo) 500g
  • Melissa Kritharaki Pasta (orzo) 500g – medium 
  • Melissa Linguine 500g Melissa Kouskouse 500g
  • Melissa Passata Primo Gusto 500g
  • Melissa Spaghetti 500gMelissa Semolina 500g
  • Melissa Traditional Hylopitaki 500g
  • Melissa No5 500gMelissa Tagliatelle 500g
  • Melissa Semolina Type 2
  • Melina Tomato 20kg
  • Chopped Peeled Tomatoes 2.55kg drained weight
  • Peeled Chopped Tomatoes 400g
  • Tomato Paste double concentration 410g
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