The olive tree has a longstanding history in Greek culture and life since the early ages. Olive oil has been an essential part of Greeks life bringing them health as well as wealth. Olives have historically not only being used as food but also in many other industries such as medicine, diet, and cosmetics, and even lighting.

Greece, as is widely accepted as one of the top three olive oil-producing countries in the world, and their extra virgin olive oil is indisputably the finest on the market worldwide. Greek extra virgin olive oil, in comparison to other extra virgin olive oils produced worldwide, has the lowest acidity (approximately 0.5%), which is considered substantially lower than the minimum 0.9% setup from the EU and US authorities. Consuming it is one of the easiest single choices you can make to take control of your health and of your family and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers our unique Olive Oils.

As already noted in one of our previous blogs (click here to have a see more about Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil form the Greek Deli) Greek oil, is not only tasty but also has numerous health benefits such as lowering cholesterol & blood pressure, reducing the risk of cancer as well as the levels of obesity in one’s diet. In addition, it is rich in vitamins which makes it highly favourable for many and especially diabetics.

The combination of Greece’s unique climate along with its many olive varieties allows us to produce olive oils with increased levels of specific phenolic ingredients, which contributes in helping us avoid excessive damage from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is regularly linked to illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, atherosclerosis and even cancer.

It is no coincidence after all that populations across the Mediterranean are documented to live longer than others with the Mediterranean and, particularly olive oil, as one of its main components. Eat Greek Live Longer with Greek Olive, and read further below to order yours.

Here at The Greek Deli, we are proud to be able to offer our own variety of Extra Virgin Olive oils as well as the world-renown Latzimas collection. You can find our Greek Deli Olive Oil with just a click here and also our Latzimas large 3L tin, produced from olives growing in the area of North Mylopotamos by visiting their product page here. However, we are also able to offer an organic version of cold-pressed Latzimas Olive oil, produced from the highest quality “Koroneiki” variety crop. Its pure green colour, rich aroma, and mellow taste make savouring Latzimas a unique experience. You can also now order it online, directly from our website here.

Accompanied by the very best of what Greek nature has to offer, we find our way into your homes and into your hearts. The Greek Deli has maximized our efforts so our deliveries are swift and provided in a safe and hygienic manner!

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