Celebrating Greek Easter Sunday with Traditional Foods and Drinks

Easter is a significant event in Greece, deeply rooted in tradition and culture. Unlike the Western Easter, which follows the Gregorian calendar, Greece celebrates Orthodox Easter according to the Julian calendar. This year, Orthodox Easter falls on Sunday, May 5th marking a joyous occasion for Greeks worldwide. One of the best ways to experience the […]

Vasilopita: Greek New Years Cake

New year’s eve is approaching and apart from the food and drink, the Vasilopita is the center of attention. Vasilopita pronounced vah-see-LO-pee-tah, is the Greek lucky new year’s cake that has a coin hidden in it and is cut at midnight. It is tradition for each family to have their own vasilopita and a piece is cut for […]

Christmas Delights with Chrisanthidis

At the Greek Deli, we are proud to be the official UK partners for Chrisanthidis. Chrisanthidis are leaders in the production and sale of baked goods and pastries in Northern Greece, and one of the few companies that export products across the globe. All ingredients are certified and always chosen for their fine quality, receiving […]

Kourabiedes, the delicious Christmas almond cookies!

As Christmas is approaching, we all indulge in our favourite chocolates, cookies and cakes to celebrate the festive season whilst taking some time off work. As such, Greeks have a great variety of cakes and treats specifically served this period that all favourites to people of all ages. Kourabiedes are definitely one of those (pronounced […]

Tsoureki Recipe: Traditional Greek Easter Bread

Tsoureki at Easter

Tsoureki is a sweet Greek bread which is traditionally served during Easter. The tsoureki symbolizes the Resurrection of Christ and rebirth in general as the flour is moulded into shape and rises, taking on life as it transforms into its final shape. The red-dyed eggs which is usually placed on top of the braided tsoureki […]

Festive Wishes from everyone at The Greek Deli

As Christmas is upon us and only a week or so away, we are all already in the festive spirit here at The Greek Deli. Your support and orders have overwhelmed us with both gratitude and responsibility. Thank you to all our loyal Greek Deli customers On the one side, this is indeed the best […]

Terkenlis now at The Greek Deli

Tsoureki is a traditional Greek bread characterized by its braided shape. It is a staple in Greek meals enjoyed by fans of all ages. It is customary to eat Tsoureki at Easter but due to its health benefits and delicious taste, it has become a breakfast option for many and a regular bake for bakers […]

Greek Easter Traditions & Customs

..Easter is celebrated worldwide but is of particular significance in the Orthodox religion. It is full of ancient customs and traditions people hold to this day, making it a unique experience, worth experiencing. It all usually culminates on Easter Sunday with a family feast that starts early and goes on till late in the evening. […]

Terkenlis now available!

It is with great honour that we are able to announce our partnership with Terkenlis and the subsequent addition of their delicious products to our online shop at www.thegreekdeli.com! The Greek Deli has achieved an official partnership with Terkenlis, to import and distribute fresh seasonal produce throughout the year. Terkenlis was established and is still […]

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