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Excellent Customer Service

Good prices, excellent products and outstanding communication throughout – very pleased with this service. I won’t be using the high street local Greek deli again – the prices here are soooo much cheaper! And I apprecaited the freebies 🙂


Everything to remind us of wonderful times in Crete

It is so wonderful to be able to buy so many of the ingredients that are essential to the very best Greek cuisine. The Greek Deli service is impeccable, the people friendly, the food wonderful – The Greek Deli is the perfect reminder of so many happy memories of being in Crete and other parts of Greece.

Judy Adams

Absolutely wonderful

Easy to order, kept informed about my order, delivery was very quick and products were all well packed. Very good prices for authentic food. Wish I had come across this company years ago. I will definitely be ordering again.

Carol McArdle

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