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5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 52 reviews)
Very good2%

keep up the good work.

I was looking for some quality Greek Wines. The Greek Deli was the right place for that. Very good prices and excellent service/delivery. Definitely will order again!!

keep up the good work.

Apostolos Kapatos

Now on my radar

Was looking online for Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil as none available in rural Somerset. The Greek Deli was amazing on stock, delivery and price and included a free gift with my first order. Now on my radar and will buy from them again. Thank you all, you surpassed all expectations!!!

Katerina Kousiafe

our first thought is the Greek Deli!

such a pleasant experience to buy high-quality greek products while receiving small treats from the Greek Deli team!

when it comes to traditional Greek products, our first thought is the Greek Deli!


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