The Greek Delicatessen Ltd, is always on the hunt to offer our customers the best possible Greek products available. As such, we not only provide some of our childhood classics. We also source some of the best, new products by innovative Greek companies. This allows us to ensure our beloved fans are able to order everything currently available to Greeks back home. Allowing you to get a taste of home anywhere in the UK.  With the above in mind, we are pleased to announce our recent partnership with Corfu Beer! They provide the Greek Delicatessen with Royal Ionian soft drinks, now available directly from our website.

Partnership with Corfu Beer

It all began in 2006. When the founders of the Corfu brewery Spyros Kaloudis and his son Thanasis layered the foundations of the company’s values and began to write the history ofIts aim to invest in innovative products. After that, its vision is to excel in the business, social and cultural tasks it has undertaken. With respect to our traditions and culture. Always following the values of the company such as Innovation, Quality, Experience, Tradition, and pride in where we live. Its mission to shape the values of the new era, a new era characterized by growth, passion, and creation. Its purpose is to preserve its vision and mission with a human-centered approach. Taking risks! To produce innovative products giving value and pride to its fellow citizens and their unique hospitality through the proposals given by visitors of the island.

To preserve the vision and mission of the company by keeping people at the center.  Taking risks without fear, producing innovative products as well as constantly setting higher goals. Always understanding the real needs of society today, offering and helping each other. Always believing that together we can move forward, writing a different story in the beer sector.

Order your Corfu Royal Ionian soft drinks today from Greek Deli by visiting the ONLINE SHOP section of our website.

The Greek Deli is proud to offer 3 different varieties of Royal Ionian, including Ginger Ale, Grapefruit, and Lemon.

Ginger Ale by Royal Ionian

An innovative non-alcoholic fizzy drink, made from a blast combination of top natural ingredients. Including orange juice, cinnamon, and ginger, Aw wonderful harmony of flavours and aromas.

Grapefruit by Royal Ionian

Our female drink of choice, a unique nonalcoholic fizzy drink that is also sugar-free and can be enjoyed without feeling guilty. Combine pink grapefruit juice and perfume of bergamot.

Lemon by Royal Ionian

A revolutionary non-alcoholic fizzy drink, made from natural lemon juice and ginger. That creates a complicated pattern of ice and fire that will offer you an exciting cool treat.


Order Today from Greek Deli by visiting the ONLINE SHOP section of our website.

The Greek Deli stocks artisanal products, including Greek juices, tsoureki, egg dyes, olive oils, wines, cheeses,  and mezedes. In addition, ready meals (such as pastitsio and gemista), sweets (such as baklava and kourabiedes), and Greek coffee (Loumidis) can be found in our online shop. We even stock beloved Greek chocolates and cookies. Furthermore, with brands such as LactaIonSokofreta, and Gemista cookies, as well as an impressive selection of Greek wines. Gift boxes can be purchased and are available to be customized with your favorite products or pre-made. One box includes extra virgin olive oil, two bottles of wine, two jars of olive paste, roasted peppers, honey, chilies, and balsamic vinegar. Perfect for sending the best of Greek tastes to a distant beloved!).

Accompanied by the very best of what Greek nature has to offer, we find our way into your homes and into your hearts. The Greek Deli has maximized our efforts so our deliveries are swift and provided in a safe and hygienic manner!

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