As the global pandemic continues to cause havoc to our daily lives and worldwide, we have made sure to do our best possible as a company to deliver goods up and down the UK to our fans, customers, key workers and NHS Staff. Indeed our deliveries are occasionally slightly slower  (5 to 7 days) than our normally delivery times but nonetheless, providing our unique Greek products nationwide is a service we still provide.

As the UK Government is seeking to relax the social distancing measures to allow businesses to re-open and give our economy a well needed boost, the dangers of corona-virus are still there. We are often asked by many of our customers (both at delivery but also at the ordering process) if we would be able to help them source any face-masks or other crucial antibacterial products. As we build a very personal relationship with our clientele – and despite the fact we normally only supply food and other consumable goods) – we had to try and find a solution for our customers.

We have hence decided to source a reliable and trustworthy, quality supplier in Greece that is able to provide us with a large quantity of Premium Face – Masks made in Greece. We are consequently pleased to announce that we are able to offer 2 types of face masks directly from our website which you can find on the links below.

Face Mask 1 – Light Green

Face Mask 2 – Dotted Black

Both masks are indeed very  stylish, MADE IN GREECE, and made with a high density fabric to protect you from air hazards. What is more, you are also able to wash them and hence re-use them at your convenience. Protect your family and loved ones now and order your masks from the Greek Deli.

These face masks and face shields cannot be refunded or returned for personal hygiene reasons. We apologise for the higher than normal prices

The Greek Deli, is happy to have been able to distribute our goods and unique Greek products throughout the pandemic, ensuring our customers do not run out of stock. We have also maximised our efforts so our deliveries are swift and provided in a safe and hygienic manner. For more information on what our company is doing to ensure the quality of your products and follow Government guidelines, feel free to email us at [email protected]!

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