Loads of new Crisps, Chocolates and other snacks now added for Delivery on our website!

Following our growth and digital evolution with a brand new website, we could not but also listen to some of your advice and suggestions! Many of you have often (and still do so please do continue doing so) send us information on products they tried in Greece and cannot find in the UK, help us source specific products they are aware will be liked and ask us questions on anything food related.

We painstakingly (not really) and proudly collated all of this information in a “little jar” (not that far from the truth) and decided to go through our list to identify the most popular and commonly requested items in order to enrich our online shop and also offer our widened selection as a thank you to our longstanding customers. It has been a long process of finding the right items, from the right suppliers and making sure their quality is un-compromised at all items and we finally were able to come up with a ..somewhat large list of new items to add to our website.

We have hence decided to focus today on our updated Crisps & Snacks section, a kids – and adults alike – favourite part of our website. Let’s be honest, probably thoroughly deserved too considering the school year has just started and some healthy and tasty snacks are always welcome for those cold, windy lunchtime hours. So let’s have a look at some of our favourite items which also happen to be the top 3 items this month in demand by our loyal customers.

  1. Tasty Foudounia: Buy online our brand new tasty Foudounia, a nice corn snack with peanut and hazelnut flavour!
  2. Cheetos Dracoulinia: Cheetos Dracoulinia, corn snack with spicy tomato flavour, and shape like Dracula’s teeth!
  3. Cheesy Pacotinia: Cheetos Pacotinia, a nice-cheese flavour snack,!

Feel free to let us know what your favourite item is from our latest addition or perhaps which item you believe we forgot or could still add to our online shop. Remember, you can always message us directly via our website for 24/7 live support and any questions or queries you may have regarding your order or delivery. Feel free to click here to see the above section and shop your favourite Greek crisps, chocolates and more via the Greek Deli.

Happy Snacking!

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