Easter is a significant event in Greece, deeply rooted in tradition and culture. Unlike the Western Easter, which follows the Gregorian calendar, Greece celebrates Orthodox Easter according to the Julian calendar. This year, Orthodox Easter falls on Sunday, May 5th marking a joyous occasion for Greeks worldwide. One of the best ways to experience the essence of Greek Easter is through its mouthwatering cuisine, which plays a central role in the celebrations.

The Significance of Orthodox Easter in Greece

Orthodox Easter, also known as Pascha, holds immense religious and cultural importance in Greece. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, signifying hope, renewal, and rebirth. Greek Orthodox Christians observe a series of solemn rituals and traditions leading up to Easter Sunday, including fasting, attending church services, and participating in symbolic ceremonies. The culmination of these observances is the festive Easter Sunday, filled with joyous gatherings, feasting, and merriment.

Traditional Greek Easter Foods

No Greek Easter celebration is complete without a lavish feast featuring an array of traditional dishes. One such delicacy is “Magiritsa,” a hearty soup made from lamb offal, herbs, and avgolemono sauce, symbolizing the end of Lenten fasting. “Tsoureki,” a sweet braided bread infused with aromatic spices and topped with almonds, is another Easter staple, representing the richness of life and the sweetness of the Resurrection.

Roast Lamb

The centerpiece of the Easter feast is undoubtedly the succulent roast lamb. Roasted to perfection and seasoned with garlic, lemon, and oregano. This mouthwatering dish symbolizes the Paschal Lamb, sacrificed for the salvation of humanity, and is enjoyed with gusto by families and friends gathered around the table.

Red Eggs and “Tsougrisma”

Easter in Greece wouldn’t be the same without the tradition of dyeing eggs red. It symbolizes the blood of Christ and the promise of eternal life. These vibrant eggs are exchanged among loved ones, with a customary game called “Tsougrisma,” where two people attempt to crack each other’s eggs to determine the “stronger” egg. It’s a playful yet meaningful tradition that fosters camaraderie and joy.

Kokoretsi and Souvlaki

For those craving savory delights, Easter also offers tantalizing treats like “Kokoretsi” and “Souvlaki.” Kokoretsi is a savory delicacy made from skewered offal, seasoned with herbs and spices, while Souvlaki features grilled skewers of marinated meat, typically pork or chicken. These grilled delights add a smoky, flavorful dimension to the Easter feast, satisfying carnivores and food enthusiasts alike.

Traditional Greek Drinks

To complement the delectable cuisine, Greek Easter celebrations feature an array of traditional drinks that reflect the country’s rich beverage culture. “Retsina,” a unique white wine flavored with pine resin, is a popular choice during Easter festivities, offering a refreshing and aromatic accompaniment to the meal. For those seeking something stronger, “Ouzo” or “Tsipouro” provide the perfect digestif, with their distinct flavors and character.

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