The Greek Delicatessen is always looking for the finest products, of the highest quality. As such, we regularly meet up with some of the most famous producers in Greece, and Mavrakis Distillery was part of that list. With over 150 years of tradition and know-how, Mavraki Distillery continues to produce high quality products including it famous Tsipouro and Ouzo. Constantly creating original options in its product family.

Mavrakis distillery

In 1864 , Vassilis Mavrakis founded the well-known distillery in Argos, which bears his name to this day. The original spirits and liqueurs – which very quickly became synonymous with good quality and refined taste – are created and produced from carefully selected varieties of grapes and fruits of the region, using traditional methods and the “knowledge & experience” that has its roots 150 years ago.

Today, the fourth generation of the family faithfully continues the tradition of producing refined & high quality ouzo, brandy, liqueurs, tsipouro and vodka.

The great care that goes into each of Mavrakis products starts with the meticulous selection of raw materials. It continues with careful distillation and our vast experience in the refined blending of spirits and aging in oak barrels for Brandy and in stainless tanks for Ouzo, where the final control and the taste test take place.

Mavrakis Distillery uses old recipes in combination with modern technology in order to deliver to the consumer only products that justify the tradition of 146 years and satisfy even the most refined taste requirements.

The recognition of the high quality of Mavrakis Distillery products has led them to be the only Argolic Distillery with exports to over 15 countries for years.


The high quality of the products and the high standards observed during their production have led to widespread recognition and acceptance of ouzo products, liqueurs, etc. by consumers worldwide. As such, we could not but work tirelessly to strike a partnership, and ensure we also offer our customers the best Ouzo and Tsipouro available in Greece. Have a look at just some of our products below and order yours online today.

1. Mastiha Liquor: Mastiha Liquor is a refreshing & aromatic spirit ideally served chilled on the rocks – Click here to place your order now!

2. Ouzo Mavrakis: Say “yamas” with a glass of ouzo always accompanied by your favourite meze platter – Click here to place your order now!

3. Tsipouro Mavraki with aniseed: Tsipouro is a traditional Greek spirit similar to the Italian Grapa most known in Greek mainland. This one is perfumed with aniseed for extra aromas – Click here to place your order now!

4. Tsipouro Mavrakis: Tsipouro is a traditional Greek spirit similar to the Italian Grapa most known in Greek mainland.  Enjoy it with your favourite meze platter – Click here to place your order now!

5. Mavrakis Brand: Chill out with this aromatic brandy on a cold winter’s night or after a beautiful meal. Use it as an ingredient of sophisticated cocktails or add a few drops in your coffee or tea.
Click here to place your order now!

6. Ouzo Kalimera: The light and aromatic character of this particular ouzo is due to a special combination of seeds and distillation techniques that make it different from other ouzos, giving it a soft and delicate taste with a light and refreshing aroma – Click here to place your order now!

The Greek Deli

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Accompanied by the very best of what Greek nature has to offer. We find our way into your homes and into your hearts. The Greek Deli has maximized our efforts so our deliveries are swift and provided in a safe and hygienic manner!

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