Greek honey is considered to be one of the best honeys in the world! With it’s pure, sweet taste and numerous beneficial health benefits, it’s clear to see why. Greece has one of the best climates for beekeeping, allowing for a variety of different types of local plant life to be available to bees for making honey. Read on to discover more about the history of Greek honey and it’s many varieties. If you’re are looking to try a little taste for yourself, why not visit our online shop to get your own bottle of delicious honey!


Greece has a long history of beekeeping and honey was the first traditional sweetener used in the region. The ancient Greeks had more than 40 different names for each variety of honey containers. These were referenced over and over again throughout history and mythology. In addition, the Greek countryside is rich in bio-diverse flora. It has been estimated, according to scientists and botanists, estimate that Greece has more than 7,500 unique species of trees, herbs, wildflowers, and plants, 1,000 of which cannot be found anywhere else. This gives the country some of the most diverse flora in the entire Mediterranean basin. With such a long history in honey production, the Greeks have had plenty of knowledge and experience to get it just right. Since bees need diverse kinds of flowering plants to create honey, this is great news for honey production!

In more modern times, honey is still an important part of Greece’s culture and economy. The country boasts more beehives per acre than any other in Europe, and it produces 15,000 pounds of honey every single year. The average Greek consumes 3.6 pounds annually  which is two times the European and American averages.


There are many different kinds of Greek honey: thyme, pine, chestnut, heather, and more. They come from different types of plants and have unique flavours, aromas, and densities. Different parts of Greece are known for different types of honey:

Aegean islands: thyme and pine

Thessaly: cotton, chestnut, fir tree

Chalkidiki: pine, heather

Peloponnesus: thyme, fir tree, chestnut, orange

Western Greece: thyme, orange, chestnut, heather

Central Greece: thyme, fir tree, chestnut

Thrace: cotton, sunflower

This is one of the most precious varieties due to its distinctive flavour and its antiseptic properties. Greek thyme honey makes up around 10% of total Greek honey production. The honey has a spicy taste and intense aroma. Its colour is light gold but it may be slightly darker depending on the region. It contains chemical elements such boron and various minerals such as copper and iron.

This type of Greek honey is less common compared with varieties. It is well known for its unique colour, which is close to black! It is produced by the excretions of aphids that live in the oak tree. Oak honey has been used in medicine by the ancient Greeks and it has more antioxidant properties than other varieties. The flavour is less sweet and can be slightly spicy.

This is a variety of honeydew Greek honey because it’s made by bees collecting the excretions of Marchalina hellenica, an insect that lives in pine trees. Just over half of Greek honey production comes from pine honey. It is not as sweet, as other honey types but it has an intense aroma. It contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and copper. Greek pine honey are known for their extremely antioxidant properties.


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