..with all orders over £50 via our website!

Our Give-away and Gifts bonanza continues here at the www.TheGreekDeli.com!

Our journey has been exciting, fulfilling, the ultimate challenge! Hard work, perseverance & dedication firmly established us as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Greek top quality ingredients, foods & wines to independent retail, the foodservice & some of the most famous Greek restaurants in the country..and now its time for us to give back!

Following our recent announcement of our PRIZE WIN of a 4 Day round trip to Greece with all expenses included (what..you did not know..you better hurry and sign up here then), we were excited and delighted to see your major response and pleasure with thousands subscribing and enlisting to win our exclusive prize.

As per our last article about the above post here, we are now also happy to announce the activation of our brand new deal.


So, what are you waiting for?

Whether its your favourite wines, chocolates, ingredients for cooking that all delicious Xmas meal or simply a concoction of your most desired products from Greece, make sure to hit the £50 threshold and keep an eye out in the post for your surprise gift along with your order. Also, make sure to use your voucher code in your next order with us online and do not hesitate to share our offer with your friends and family.

Looking back we would not change a thing. We have met remarkable people, built strong relationships with suppliers & customers, made friends for life, expanded our horizons. We carry on with the same passion, dedication & optimism, going always the extra mile. For you..and this competition is our thank you for your commitment and support all these years.

Thank you for making the Greek Deli what it is and we looking forward to many years ahead of us with the best Greek products always available everywhere in the UK.

Have a look at our individual products categories with a variety of items within our website at www.TheGreekDeli.com or simply click here to drop us a message!

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