When it comes to cuisine, we can all admit, the Greeks definitely have got it going on! Whether you have tried it on a holiday in Greece, at a friend’s BBQ or simply ordered some of our delicious products it always a memorable experience both in terms of taste and quality.

But why is it that Greek cuisine is so popular and also so “trendy” nowadays with Greek restaurants and Takeaways dotter up and down the UK. The answer is not as easy as you may think and includes a variety of reasons.

So let’s have a look at some of the most important reasons why Greek food is so good and also so renowned worldwide.



We obviously had to start with the most obvious, well known and beneficial reason of all. Greek food is – mostly – healthy for you in all aspects. Greeks get their daily dose of vitamins in their meals full of vegetables – fruits and fish and offer a cuisine based mainly on vegetarian starters (or meze as known). Even though Greek diet has changed in recent years and more meat dishes are incorporated (moussaka, pastitsio and more) they primarily “source” their protein from beans and other legumes, seafood (fish, squid, octopus etc) and of course lamb.

Some such examples of healthy dishes and ingredients used commonly in Greece are Olives, – the most iconic food in Greece -, dolmades, shrimp saganaki and their delicious dips such as Tzatziki or Taramasalata (or taramosalata).


As we often re-iterate in our motto (Eat Greek..Live Longer), Greek cuisine includes some of the healthiest ingredients one can find hence making it tremendously attractive to most age-groups of consumers globally. The majority of traditional Greek food dishes (such as Greek salad) include fresh ingredients such as fresh fish, vegetables, legumes and cereals.

There’s really no way to fake it or substitute with processed ingredients and hence why the taste and freshness is evident in every spoonful or bite. Eating fresh, unfrozen, unprocessed foods will make your body feel even better about eating Greek.

Vegetarian friendly

As also mentioned earlier, Greeks like to keep their diet simply and healthy. Considering the heat most months of the year, that makes absolute sense. There are hence a large number of dishes made almost entirely of plant-based foods so eating like a vegetarian isn’t really that hard if you wish to. Furthermore, since the sea is just a step away, seafood is a common ingredient in Greek diet which means pescatarians can also feel right at home. Nonetheless, no matter your palette or inclination, Greece has an endless list of traditional and modern dishes that will leave you fully satisfied and wanting more every single time.


One of the primary factors also for Greek food being so popular is probably the taste. But what is it that gives Greek food that unique taste that people love?

In truth it’s mainly because of its diversity and options. The blends of citruses, oils, herbs, cheeses, and grilled meat really help to set the taste of Greed food apart from other foods. It is also this unique blend of tastes that also excites the palettes of food connoisseurs in a way that not many other blends can accomplish.

In similar fashion, we offer a variety of different categories from ingredients for home-cooked recipes and drinks to ready meals, sweets and snacks in order to please all our fans and customers and offer you a true representation of Greek cuisine and its variety.


Finally, we just could not leave out the beautiful surroundings in which we have always enjoyed our meals in Greece. It may sound a bit “naïve” but it is definitely one of the reasons food tastes so good in Greece. The beautiful weather most seasons, allows for picturesque outdoor meals with a view to the sea and the breeze of fresh air.

Other than the people being extremely helpful and making you feel at home (renown Greek hospitality), conversing and slowly nibbling on and savoury every bite of their food is part of Greek culture and hence a sublime environment helps that culture thrive. Eating is considered a Family-time in Greece ..a time to sit, bond, and connect with the people around you whilst discussing the days’ news. In a Greek restaurant, the customers are always treated with such great respect since hospitality is another Greek virtue.

It is evident from all the above that the Greek cuisine and diet generally is one of the most diverse and healthy worldwide. So we recommend you not only order your favourites from our website only or try your local Greek restaurant but also, try visiting Greece and experiencing Greek food in all its glory, in beautiful surroundings and impeccable customer services.

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