Found in every home – Trachanas is a traditional Greek dish that will definitely warm you up this winter. This delicious, heartwarming soup is one of the oldest foods in the Eastern Mediterranean.

What is Trahanas

Trahanas is a tiny, pebble-shaped product that varies greatly all over Greece. It is a type of pasta that is usually made of flour and milk or yogurt. These can come in a variety of flavors which is a reflection of the ingredients from which they are made. As an example, you can find sour, sweet, thick, and thin variations of Trahana.

How is it made

While the process of making Tahanas can take several months. The combination of flour and milk or yogurt must be left to ferment and then fried out during the hot summer months. Once this has dried. It is then crushed into small chunks. This can be kept stored until it ready for the winter months. If this process is too laborious for you, Trachanas can be found in pretty much all Greek supermarkets and you can order a pack of Sweet Trahahas here by visiting our online store.

Once the process of making Trachanas is complete. The actual cooking process is very fast.

What are the Health Benefits

A bowl of Trahanas is very nutritious and full of many health benefits. Plus it is extremely filling and is the perfect comfort food for those who are conscious about their health. Here are just some of the benefits that eating Trahana can bring:

How it’s made

In it’s simplest form, Trachanas can be made by boiling the dried, fermented grains in water, stock or milk. Further ingredients can be added for tastes such as tomato sauces, vegetables, feta cheese, spices, and butter in order to enjoy a more deep and complex flavour. Once prepared, this dish can be accompanied with a meat or vegetable dish. The recipe varies depending on the region in which this is made.

We love Trahansas, especially during the winter months. It’s easy to make and full of nutritional health benefits. Why not give it a try today? Order your Trahanas today and make yourself a tasty, wholesome meal.

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